MTI PresidentWelcome to Mitchell Technical Institute! At MTI, we pride ourselves on preparing students for the challenges they will encounter in the 21st century workplace. Our close relationships with industry partners allow MTI to get direct industry input into its curriculum to ensure that when students graduate, they have the requisite entry-level skills to enter the workforce at the highest possible skill set and wage for that industry. This strong relationship with industry also means that MTI has historically placed between 96-98% of each graduating class in jobs.

MTI is also aware of the need to train its students in forward-leaning and environmentally sound practices that will help our industries and our country sustain both economical and ecological sound growth. Whether it is in training agriculture students how to use GPS to increase yields and prevent environmental damage, or training our construction division students how to build to Energy Star standards using geothermal heating and cooling, or using technology to learn in an online program, MTI is always out in front of the technology you will need to master for future jobs. Unlike many colleges today where reading about subjects and discussing them is the standard fare, MTI uses “hands-on” training and internships to allow students to actually master those tasks they will be expected to do when they enter the workforce. It's why we are always quick to point out that "the best jobs start here!"

While MTI is known throughout industry as producing exceptionally well-trained entry-level technicians, we believe being a good employee and team member also requires the ability to work and communicate well with other people. In this regard, MTI provides general education courses that support this goal. It is also why MTI emphasizes extracurricular and professional organizations that foster communications and leadership skills and encourages students to participate in them.

If you are ready to take the first step toward a technical career, you will find MTI ready to do its part in preparing you for that career and achieving your goals.

Greg Von Wald, President