Registration Information

Current students meet with their academic advisor to complete the course registration form. The Registrar’s Office processes the completed and signed registration forms. Students with an outstanding balance from the previous semester must contact the Business Office before your registration will be processed. To check on your account balance, visit your MyMTI portal…click on Billing tab. New students should contact the Admissions Office at 800-952-0042 to learn when you will be registering for classes.

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Advising Worksheets/Degree Plans

You can access your advising worksheet to assist in ensuring your future registrations complete all degree requirements through your MyMTI portal.

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Non-Degree Seeking Students

Non-degree seeking students are students wishing to continue their education, but are not currently enrolled in a specific program.   Non-degree seeking students are not  eligible for financial aid.

Limited Enrollment
The term “Limited Enrollment” is used for students wishing to enroll for a course, but do not plan to work toward a degree from Mitchell Tech.  Limited enrollment students are not required to apply for acceptance to Mitchell Tech, but may be required to verify pre-requisites for courses requiring pre-requisites, such as college transcripts or ACCUPLACER exam scores. Students registered as Limited Enrollment, Non-degree seeking students, are not eligible for financial aid. Students wishing to register for limited enrollment should contact the Registrar’s Office to complete a Limited Enrollment Registration form and discuss possible course selection.

When a limited enrollment student wishes to apply earned credits towards a degree from Mitchell Tech, the student must apply for acceptance into a program through the Admissions Process. After acceptance into a program, the credits earned will be applied toward any course requirements for the approved program.

Dual Enrollment

Mitchell Technical Institute allows high school students to enroll in selected online classes providing you the opportunity to earn credit at MTI and at your local high school if approved by your school district.

Classes are offered at a reduced rate of $40/credit hour making this an affordable option to get started on your after-school career plans while you are still in high school.
Click here for more detailed information on Dual Enrollment opportunities. For more information, contact John Heemstra, Outreach Coordinator.  Email John or call at (605) 995-7204.

High School Articulation

Articulation is a cooperative effort between South Dakota’s high schools and technical institutes. It links high schools with certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs. It provides students with an opportunity to receive credit for skills previously learned.  Click here for more information on High School Articulation or contact Scott Fossum, Dean of Enrollment. Email Scott or call (605) 995-3025.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Students transferring credits to MTI from other post-secondary institutions or high schools will be individually evaluated to determine courses needed to complete a diploma or degree. A transfer student may have previous coursework accepted to fulfill MTI course and graduation requirements according to the following criteria:
  1. Official transcripts must be submitted for use in assessing courses and credits for transfer from accredited institutions.  
  2. A grade of C or better (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) shall be required in each course accepted in transfer.  The last grade earned will be the recorded grade. Transfer credits do not count toward a cumulative GPA. Courses in the major area of study completed more than seven (7) years previously may not be accepted for transfer. The grade recorded on the student’s academic record will be “CR” (credit).
  3. Technical related and general education courses shall be reviewed by the appropriate department(s) and the Registrar to determine course equivalence and acceptance. Courses outside of MTI’s areas of study will not be accepted for transfer.
  4. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 30 credits of their coursework, including their final semester of a program, at MTI to earn a degree or diploma.
  5. Students who choose to transfer articulated high school courses to MTI should contact the Dean of Enrollment.
  6. To transfer credit, an Application for Admission must be on file and a student must have accepted status before credits will be transcribed.
  7. Non-credit courses from MTI’s Corporate Education division may be considered toward meeting credit course requirements.  Students requesting such credit transfers must present a certificate of completion to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs’ office at MTI. The grade recorded on the student’s academic record will be “CR” (credit).