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Electrical Construction & Maintenance
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Apprentice Electrician
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Electrical Construction & Maintenance
The Electrical Construction and Maintenance program is a sequence of courses designed to provide basic training in maintenance and new construction wiring—in both residential and commercial buildings. The program emphasizes a combination of theory and practical application necessary for successful employment. Additional coursework includes fiber optic and data cabling as well as programmable logic controls.  

The program begins with a review of basic math as it relates to the electrical trade and an introduction to hand tools, materials, basic electrical resistive theory, wire sizing, circuit construction and troubleshooting. The program continues with basic through advanced motor controls, motor theory and maintenance, installation and maintenance of equipment, blueprint reading, estimating, electrical codes and instruction in job-seeking skills.

The successful student in this program will demonstrate a variety of skills and abilities including manual dexterity, arm-hand steadiness and multi-limb coordination; visual color discrimination and near vision; reasoning, information ordering and problem-solving; and communication with supervisors, peers and subordinates.  In addition, students must be able to perform  general physical activities like climbing, lifting, walking, stooping and handling materials and must be able to climb a 6-foot ladder.

Apprentice electrical jobs in residential, commercial and industrial areas are open to MTI graduates. Positions are available with electrical contractors and maintenance companies and with regional substations and utility companies.  Incoming students are licensed as apprentice electricians in South Dakota. Upon completion of the Electrical Construction and Maintenance program, an MTI graduate receives 2000 hours towards certification as a journeyman with a South Dakota electrician’s license.

A special note about laptop computers:

This program requires a laptop computer so that you can effectively integrate computing skills with your technical education. Many resources that instructors assign are online or require specialty software. To address these needs, MTI requires that students entering this program purchase their laptops from MTI. The cost for an MTI laptop averages about $1000. Please be aware that our machines come fully loaded with the software required for this program. 

Whether it's Microsoft Office, or a specialty software for a technical program, your needs will be met by your MTI laptop.  And our laptops are serviced for free by our Technology office. You will not be able to bring a laptop from home into an MTI laptop program as we cannot provide support services for every make and model of laptop. Please consider this carefully before making any laptop purchase and check with the Admissions office for more details.

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