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Mitchell Tech does not own any student housing. Mitchell Tech provides the option for landlords to post rental listings as a service and is not an endorsement of any property or owner/manager. Rental listings are found on the lower portion of this webpage.
As you begin your search for housing, remember that these listings have not been screened, visited or approved by Mitchell Tech. Think about your needs: house, apartment, mobile home, sleeping room, roommate(s), location, services included, parking, rent, deposit, length of lease, etc. Students are urged to educate themselves and be aware of their tenant rights and responsibilities.

Convenient Student Housing

Check out the housing option adjacent to our campus: Campus Tech Apartments, 1400 E. Spruce St., near the Mitchell Tech Muth Electric Technology Center. More information including floor plans and application with FAQs is available from Mills Property Management. Units are available now.

Available Properties

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AddressProperty TypeBedroomsRentPets Allowed
600 West 15th Avenue, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301, USApartment2$100Yes
1200 S Duff, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301, USHouse3$$650No
605 E 2nd, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301, USHouse4+$$1000No
615 East 12th, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301, USApartment1$$480No
1218 S. Rowley, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301, USHouse4$350.00Yes
1521 W University Ave, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301, USApartment2$700Yes
709 North Rowley, Mitchell SD, South Dakota 57301, USHouse1$600.00Yes
206 W 15th Ave, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301Apartment2$400Yes
1501 Bridle Drive, Mitchell SD, 57301Apartment1$600Yes
E 1st Avenue, Mt. Vernon, SD 57363Apartment2$0Yes
40020 254th St Mt. Vernon, SD 57363Apartment2$700Yes
1200 S Duff, Mitchell, SD, 57301Apartment2$630Yes
223 West 4th, Mitchell, SD, 57301House5$1200Yes
200 W 3rd Ave #4, Mitchell, SD, 57301Apartment1$425Yes
925 N Main, Mitchell, SD, 57301Apartment1$500Yes
417 N. Main st, Mitchell, SD, 57301Apartment2$600Yes
101 S Main, Mitchell, SD, 57301Apartment2$600Yes
212 E 3rd Ave, Mitchell, SD, 57301Apartment1$575Yes
312 E. 5th street, Mitchell SD, 57301House4$1300Yes
510 W Havens Street Mitchell SD, 57301Apartment3$1300Yes
616 S Davison, Mitchell, SD, 57301House2$450Yes
503 1/2 North Main, Mitchell, 57301Apartment1$400Yes
515 West 5th Street, Mitchell, SD, 57301House4$1200Yes
1122 East 4th Ave, Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$850Yes
1001 E. 4Th St Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$450Yes
326 McCabe, Mitchell, SD, 57301House1$800Yes
103 1/2 E 4th Ave, Mitchell, SD, 57301Apartment01$600Yes
609 East 5th Ave, Mitchell, SD 57301House2$750Yes
1122 West Fourth Ave, Mitchell, SD, 57301Apartment2$775Yes
322 McCabe, Michell SD, 57301Apartment2$850Yes
521 S Edmunds, Mitchell, 57103House4$1300Yes
321 E 2nd, Mitchell, South Dakota, 57301House4$1350Yes
704 S. Langdon St. Mitchell, SD 57301Efficiency0$500Yes
1800 W. Spruce St. Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$650Yes
1016 N Mentzer Mitchell, SD 57301House4$1000Yes
300 N. Main St. Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$550Yes
422 W 1 Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$900Yes
913 N Main Mitchell, SD 57301House3$800Yes
201 E 2nd Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$400Yes
1501 Bridle Drive Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$560Yes
208 E 2nd St Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment3$800Yes
N Wallace Street Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$0Yes
510 W Havens Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment3$1200Yes
510 West 9th Mitchell, SD 57301House2$600Yes
1327 W 23rd Ave Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$700Yes
1327 W 23rd Ave Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$840Yes
25527 413th Avenue Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$600Yes
322 McCabe Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment02$675Yes
106 Lindman St Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$750Yes
208 E 2nd St Mount Vernon, SD 57363Apartment2$675Yes
1111 Edgerton Place Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$825Yes
1111 Edgerton Place Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$670Yes
1204 W. 3rd Ave. Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$675Yes
1020 W. Norway Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$650Yes
1129 South Miller Mitchell, SD 57301House2$850Yes
25607 396 Ave., Mt Vernon SD Apartment2$400Yes
400 W 1st Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment0$0Yes
513 South Rowley Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$600Yes
124 west 7th Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment0$600Yes
1208 S. Rowley Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment3$1000Yes
108 W. 9th Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$0Yes
124 W 7th Ave Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$295Yes
400 N. Main, Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$595Yes
119 E. 3rd Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment0$500Yes
1500 S. Lawler Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment3$1200Yes
701 S. Lawler Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$700Yes
221 E. 7th Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$325Yes
615 E. 12th St. Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$450Yes
605 E 2nd Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment4$800Yes
701 & 703 E. 8th Ave Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$625Yes
701 & 703 E. 8th Ave Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$525Yes
2311 S Capital St Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment3$1040Yes
2311 S Capital St Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment3$940Yes
2311 S Capital St Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment3$1225Yes
2311 S. Capital St. #6 Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment3$1130Yes
715 East 4th Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$175Yes
1005 E. 3rd Mitchell, SD 57301House2$650Yes
1709 E. 1st Ave. Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$762Yes
1709 E. 1st Ave. Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$547Yes
1001 E. 4th ST Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment1$450Yes
1605 E. 1st Avenue Mitchell, SD 57301Apartment2$895Yes

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